ICS performs professional insurance adjustment and investigation services for many of the major insurance companies, which include:

  • Property and Casualty Investigations with specific expertise in:
    • Fire loss
    • Flood Loss
    • Construction Defect
    • Hazardous Materials Contamination/environmental
  • Worker’s Compensation Investigations
  • National Catastrophe Services
  • Cause and Origin Investigations
  • Other Services as Requested

Each assignment received by ICS is unique and the investigations performed are dictated by the specific circumstances of the loss. Our licensed adjusters, investigators and expert consultants assume full responsibility for planning and executing all the work required to deliver an accurate claim investigation to our client companies, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Inspecting and estimating property damage
  • Large loss claims management
  • Interviewing and/or obtaining recorded statements from the involved parties
  • Evaluating official reports and records
  • Consulting with legal counsel and expert witnesses
  • Surveillance/background and asset checks/locates
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Locus investigations
  • Accident scene reconstruction
  • Environmental claims assessment and management

ICS is proud of our outstanding reputation for providing expert, thorough, timely analysis and reporting for all investigations assigned to the company.




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